Soft Giants

     Photo Credit: Joel Stephens

     It feels good to not have a crush on someone. Wait. Let me start that sentence again. It feels good to not have a crush on someone who isn't a jerk. Okay. Let me try that again. It feels good to have a crush on someone and have complete peace. Did you see all the grammar trickery I just tried to pulled on you right now?

     Needless to say, I've been looking at the character of the men folk around me. You know my recent post about Gentlemen? It was inspired by several men in my life. But there's one in particular that I'm paying close attention to. I'm just watchin'. I'm just peepin'. Nothing  major. You don't have to text me just yet. But it is June. And I think someone may want to ask me out on a date before this month is through...

Wisdom's Knocking:

While others may get excited about the misleading shine of a cubic zirconia, remember to pay attention to the diamond in the rough.