To Be Held

     Photo Credit: Victoria Clemmons

     Grrr. I hate making mistakes. Mostly, I hate being a repeat offender of the same crime. I'm in the process of planning something significant. But it's been a frustrating journey to say the least. But something within me still thinks that it's worth the fight. Do you have one of those scenarios in your life?

     Normally, this type of thing would be a breeze, but I find myself bumping clumsily into walls of challenge left and right. There's a key component missing for me, a partner in crime. I love working in the midst of a team. I love accomplishing something "together". But now, for this particular journey, it's just me.

     As much as I try to include others and ask for help along the way, I'm met with half-hearted interest and even less commitment.

     In this moment, I just want to be held.

     It may or may not be rational, but I honestly think that everything would be 110% better if I could simply be held by strong arms for an extended amount of time. Oh, and a couple of neck nuzzles wouldn't hurt either...

     ...Just to reaffirm to me, that everything is going to be alright.

Wisdom's Knocking:

No matter the difficulty you may be facing, know that Comfort is running towards you with an embrace.