You Will Have Your Chance To Shine

      Photo Credit: Joel Stephens

     It's coming. Everyone always gets at least one.

   At least one moment where your heart's ultimate desire meets with incredible divinely orchestrated opportunity.

     But more importantly. Will you be ready? I'm serious.

   A couple year's back, a well-known television director that I greatly admire, asked me that very question. With such assurance, he looked me dead in my eyes, and told me, "You will have your chance to shine. Will you sink or swim? Will you have been prepared? Will you be ready??"

   Whoa. How does one prepare for such a weighty divine appointment? 

     The answer is not as complicated as one might imagine.

     You may be a gifted artist or mathematician, and your heart's dream may be to develop a new mathematical formula while working alongside Harvard professors. Or you may be a singer who hopes to play Madison Square Garden one day.

      For the mathematician, he should be working on such formulas now. And for the singer, he should be playing music almost anytime he can, whether in front of 2 people or 200.

     Because, soon, at  one point along the journey, an opportunity will meet your gifting and your heart's desire. It will astound you and scare you half to death. You may doubt all of your previous years of experience, but the questions will remain, "Are you ready? And do you really want this?"

     You will have your chance to shine. You don't have to worry about making that opportunity happen. These types of circumstances are rarely manufactured by our own schemes and plans. It may takes years to appear, but do not lose heart. It will happen and most likely when you least expect it, least care, and hopefully come when you're the most prepared.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Faithful with little. Faithful with much.