Love Is and Time Was and Thick as Thieves

     I've been blessed to have some amazing friends in my life, but one friend in particular has loved me in my most awkward stages of life.

     We met in junior high, but became besties in high school. And she is one of my closest friends to date. She is truly like a sister to me and understands my "artist" tendencies and personality.

     Our friendship is just so comfortable, effortless, and life giving.

     And now, my sister-friend is a wife and a mother, and yet her identity and heart transcends all of those titles. Being in friendship with her and seeing how she walks out the "dailies" (Day to day life), is nothing short of witnessing a miracle and the kindness of God.

     We all need to gain history with just one person, with just one friend that knows us and gets us. Someone who can stand us when we're not cool and don't have it all together. Someone that can teach us a thing or two about humility.

     A friend that will brag about you to their friends and just sit with you in the silence. Maria is definitely that friend to me.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Take the time to allow someone into your life. It may prove far more meaningful tomorrow than today.