No Response

     Photo Credit: Joel Stephens

     It feels awful to be ignored.

     For the most part, no one tries to engage another person in conversation with the expectation of them staring blankly at their face.

     And yet, we do this almost on a daily through a series of actions. This week in particular I sent out a couple of text messages. Only to never hear a reply back from those specific people. Pet peeve city. I mean, I can bare a bit of a delayed response. But a "No Response". Come on.

     We are good at the art of avoidance. But we should just simply state: "You are not a priority to me in this moment. Deal with it." Okay. That's harsh. But the time in which it takes you to read a quick text message, you could be so kind and considerate and simply respond with a "BRB" or some other hip nonsense. All to say, "Message Received--I see you. I hear you." But instead, a "No reply" feels like getting the hand in your face-- "Oh, no you de-ent!" Plus, if it was done to you (being ignored) regarding someone you truly esteemed, loved, and respected, your feelings would be hurt just the same.

     I wonder if these non-responders are related to the folks that quickly change their minds and principals according to how the wind blows. I was reminded earlier this week. "If your word doesn't carry weight--you have nothing." Simply, let your yes be yes and your no be no.

     So indeed use discretion regarding your phone number, and you'll have far less technology-relationship battles. As you know, a many text messages, or lack thereof, have gotten countless folks in trouble.

     And for the record: My text messages are not usually rhetorical. I'm just sayin'.

Wisdom's Knocking:

"Do to others as you would have them do to you."