Don't Run Away

Photo Credit: Victoria Clemmons     

     While looking forward, it's easy to see the tornado ahead. But do you quiet yourself enough in the chaos to feel the whisper behind you?

     We love drama. Sometimes we jump into it, just to have something to talk about. Some of us don't know how to live a life that is drama free. Because to be still and at peace would somehow ruin our image of an exciting life. So we think.

      While you may be running, Someone is running faster than you. Someone is running towards you as you are running away.

      I tend to fight love.

      The biggest step for me, is surrendering to love.

      And today, I'm gonna try to not run away from love as it runs towards me. Because that tornado ahead look like crazy talk, but if I look closer, it's actually a cloud of wind-like love, fierce as can be, running towards me.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Love never fails.