Oh Man, I'm a Lady!

Photographer: Lindsay Coleman

     Earlier this week, I must have been giving off the Vibe. You know. The Vibe.

     Men folk were sniffing like dogs. And someone dared to kiss my neck upon a goodbye salutation. Wow.

     I was looking at myself in the mirror earlier this week to see if I could recognize any sort of tangible difference in my demeanor or physique in the last few months. I scanned and couldn't find anything out of the normal. Well, you know, besides being a Brick House. But that wasn't necessarily a surprise to me.

     I'm always curious to know how one hits the Vibe Stride. It's like one minute your a spinster and then the next your the Bachlorette and folks start acting a bit like paparazzi and personal assistants..."I just want to be on your team."

     I wish I knew how to bottle this Vibe up. But alas, it's fun to be surprised when it hits.

     So today, I guess, I'll simply enjoy being a lady.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Don't be afraid of your own beauty.