Photo Credit: Joel Stephens

     Today--Well actually, this past week, I've had this tangible feeling of fulfillment. It's such a beautiful thing. At this moment in time, my life feels incredibly full. And I feel as if I'm lacking nothing.

     I'm not just proclaiming that I'm lacking nothing. I actually feel as though I'm am not lacking anything. It's an amazing transition for me.

     These are big words coming from someone who had been constantly on the search for romance to add the missing piece of life's meaning to her already busy life.

     But something shifted a few weeks ago.

     I should have shared this with you sooner. Nevertheless, I'll fill you in now. I won't give all of the details, but I'll just say this: There is something to be said of sacrifice, timing, dreams, and fulfillment.

     I laid down my dreams of writing and traditional narrative filmmaking after I left film school. It was necessary. God was working on my heart. And I let Him.

     Fast Forward 4 years later and I am now in an amazing writing group and I'm working on my first feature length script. The process alone has brought life to me in ways that I can't even fully explain. It has brought fulfillment and light to every other aspect of my life (Vocationally and Ministry wise).

     The stories that are coming out of me come from a place of patience and my unique experiences and observations. Mostly, the things that matter most to me.

     I cannot wait to share these stories with you in the future...

Wisdom's Knocking:

Don't fight the process and the journey.