Ride or Die Chick

     It's only fitting that I'm listening to M.C. Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" as I write about my next "Top Pick" person.

     Yes, the one and only, Yajaira "Heidi" Reynolds. I know she is probably cringing because I am putting on her blast and causing her to come into the stage light and out of the wings.

     Not only did she pioneer and administrate the best surprise birthday celebration for me, spanning different locations in Los Angeles and beyond, but she's been the friend that has believed in my talents and character when I least felt worthy to walk in my own shoes.

     I learned a great deal about freedom, fighting, resolve, patience, and fashion from her. She's definitely a chick that has Chutzpah. 

     For whatever reason, Heidi, has chosen to be loyal to me through the "Highs" and the "Lows" (Quotes denoting that this is a hilarious inside joke between the both of us. Perhaps we'll tell you about it one day).

     But in recent years, I've been the most proud by watching her step out on her own and pursue her dreams whole heartedly. It's been a rough and sincere journey. Most men would have fainted and bowed out. But Heidi stands. And not only stands, but continues to excel in her current vocation.

     Heidi will be that friend that reminds you of the truth, no matter how unpopular it may be at the time. She'll remind you of that truth that once poured from your lips. So that when you're in a circumstance that looks like a lie, she'll simply ask you to remember the truth.  

     And above all that, she will cut you if you talk about me or do me wrong. So watch your step.


     **Note: I'm posting this video because this is the language that Heidi and I use. Jill Scott is speaking our language.**

     And Jill Scott and Idris Elba!! Well. Just watch the clip for yourself...


     Not only is Heidi an amazing career woman in the world of fashion, but she's SINGLE. Say What! Here I go again being a P.R. Love agent.

Ms. Yajaira Reynolds

What I love about her: She's a Hustler (She knows how to improvise and get the job done) and she's a Romantic.

What you probably don't know about her: She's far more sensitive and gentle than she would have you believe.

What you should bring to the table: A good tattoo with meaning, A beard, Knowledge of the Word, and the ability to think outside the box.

Wisdom's Knocking:

"I hustle for my muscle, and you look weak son, real weak
Yeah, I'm going for all that I can get
Kickin it at the top, 'cause I'm too legit to quit." --M.C. Hammer