Sand Paper

     Do you know that there are parts of you that are abrasive? As much as you and I might like to think we are perfect and fun loving, we must be aware that there are areas of our personalities that still need to be sand papered--smoothed out a little.

     It's those current areas of roughness that often rise up when we feel nervous, threatened, confused, or tired. But it's also those things that turn people off...More specifically turns them off from being able to intimately know you. And I've also noticed how it shuts down opportunities of all kinds.

     I know. It's a hard truth. But someone has to tell you.

     It's not about becoming a people pleaser, but just being hip to the fact that you and your friendships and relationships could be flourishing in a whole new way.

     Just try and see yourself from the outside, sometimes. Would you want to approach you? Would you want to hang around you? Be honest.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Don't try and remove the speck of dirt from your neighbor's eye when you have a plank in your own.