What Causes Drive?

     I just tried to Google the phrase: "The Cause of Drive" and "The Cause of Determination". Google had nothing legit for me. Wow.

     I was thinking today about my own drive and determination. Most of my life, I never waited for someone to tell me I could do something. I just went out and did it. And that outlook and action has profoundly impacted my life. In fact, it's pretty much shaped my life and its journey. Where does that kind of drive come from?

     And if one doesn't have drive and determination in life are they pretty much screwed? Or how does one acquire Drive and Determination. It's such a necessary life commodity.

     Looking around, I notice not everyone has it.

    It frustrates me as well when I try to impact teenagers within my ministry that simply have no drive and determination for life. It's like a language I don't know how to speak.

     I'm motivated by love, but not simply as an ideology but as an action. But I'm also aware that the future is always ever approaching whether you're ready for it or not. So why not seize the opportunities of today and even factor in some risks and adventures. Because today will never ever happen again.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Seize the day.