When a Man Prays


      Some of you remember that I was doing my top people picks for the month of June. Well, here's my fifth and final highlight: Kyle Moon.

     There is just something about a person that listens.

      Not just a person that looks like they're listening--Staring intently at your forehead. No, the person that looks you deep in the eye and can recite back to you almost word for word what you had been sharing to them when you happened to have a brain fart and forgot what the heck you were talking about.

      Kyle is undercover.

      He could easily get overshadowed by someone with a loud personality and glitzy charisma. But instead, he takes the slow and steady approach.

      And his heart to see the best happen in your life may take you by surprise. You might even be a little bit suspicious. Can anyone really be this sincere?

      But alas, yes.

      And don't even get me started about the power of prayer. Most of you know, I love prayer. It's my intentional time with God and there's such a unique presence of God that I feel when I pray. And I love praying for people. Never hesitate to ask me to pray with you. For reals.

     With my love of prayer in mind, I am especially moved when I see a man praying intently. It just does something to my heart. And when Kyle prays, not only do you feel the love of God, but you also feel the amazing and good intentions that God has for your life. So powerful!

     With that said, when you see Kyle remember that he is undercover. He may appear like a lamb, but that boy is really a lion.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Remember, not all people see you according to your faults,
but many people see you according to your potential to receive love.