What do you really think of women pushing up on you, making the first move? I've heard both answers to this question in the past. There's a group of guys that are like, "Yeah, bring it." Then there's another group of guys that are like, "Yeah, No."  And then there's the guys that are like, "Yeah, bring it...But I still need to propose first, if it gets down to that."

     I bring this up, because I was Facebook stalking and saw some interesting activity...You know the type of activity that insists that a girl is in deep "Like" with a particular guy. Therefore, she feels compelled to comment on every status update, picture, post, etc. etc. The purpose being, so that her presence stays known and on the mind of that particular guy. But can that have an adverse effect?

     I'm like, dang. Aren't you worn out with all that stalkery and pursuit. Raise up a little. Geez.

     And look, I'm not casting the first stone. I've done it myself. But I have recently retired from that game.

    I personally love it when I'm pursued. Not like in a scary way, but in a "Your mama raised you right" kind of way. Plus, I love seeing Gentlemen act like Gentlemen. And I feel as if men get far more satisfaction with the Chase rather than the Handed Plate. The appreciation for the woman would appear to increase with the former approach as well. Am I wrong, men?

     For me, as the woman, it puts me in an automatic place of security when I am pursued. I don't have to consistently doubt your affections for me or if they were manipulated because of me.

     Therefore, fellas, if I'm not blowing up your Facebook page with my comments and presence. Chances are, I actually like you, but I'm waiting for you to get hip to the idea...

Wisdom's Knocking:

There is great tension in the waiting and the pursuit. But the tension clarifies true intention.