"Eat the Sun"

Director: Peter Sorcher

     I just finished watching a cleverly told story about the ancient and modern day practice of sun gazing. Yes. I said sun-gazing.

     In the midst of our modern culture that almost has you running in fear of the sun's rays, there's a growing group of people that not only absorb the sun, but they stare into in order to receive raw energy. As described in the film, they do this much like a plant would absorb sunlight to convert it to energy (Photosynthesis. Aw yeah. Elementary science in effect! I knew I would need it one day).

     Many of these folks claim to stop eating because the energy that they receive from the sun far outweighs the energy of food. And in addition to increased energy levels many of these sun-gazers claim to experience a spiritual awakening of sorts.

     There are quite an array of characters in this documentary, but we mostly follow the journey of Mason, who is exploring this world of sun-gazing and trying to reach the goal of 44 minutes of solid sun-gazing. There are other themes at play in the documentary that keep the attention of the audience as well as some interesting tension that plays out as well.

     So if you're feeling Super Indie Fresh this week, I recommend you check this documentary out.

Wisdom's Knocking: 

"I've always shied away conventional wisdom, though I know the power of it." -Peter Jennings