Photographer: Milo Ventimiglia

     Remember my post, "Once Upon a Surprise"? I was on the high of sweet infatuation, but as promised, I wanted to give you an update. This is the update: There is none.

     I've been trying to do my part in waiting to be pursued. First step, would this fool be motivated enough to find me on Facebook and add me? Current conclusion: No.

     And particularly this weekend, I was remembering another previous post I wrote, "Mixed Signals = No Signal". Yes. Le sigh.

     Nevertheless, I still value this person and he will now rest in the infamous land of friendship. It takes a lot of hard work for a man to escape from this friendship land once placed there by my doing. But as previously proven, I'm quite blessed when it comes to my guy friendships. So in essence, I may be losing a prospective boo, but I am gaining a rich and meaningful friendship without unnecessary dysfunction.

     What did I find so magical about this particular guy I wrote about a couple weeks back? Many things, his heart, his focus, his calm demeanor, his swag, but especially his ability to speak French...

Wisdom's Knocking:

"These are hard times for dreamers." - from the film, Amélie