All last week I was getting text messages from friends asking me if I was working the MTV Video Music Awards. And to their disappointment, but to my relief, I wasn't.

     I usually work every other major award show except for that one. And for now, I'm okay with it. Because not working this one major show allows me a fresh perspective as a true viewer, of which I rarely get to be these days. I was able to view with fresh eyes what works and doesn't work in this particular arena.

     I caught the latter half of the show, and in true MTV form the show was a bit dark, edgy, overtly trendy, and all showcased in what appeared to be a spaceship opera hall.

     I've done many shows in the Nokia Theater in Downtown L.A. and I've never seen it look quite like that in the house. The set design and lighting design made me smile, simply because I've heard people dog the Nokia out saying that one couldn't create interesting set designs on its stage.

     With that said, I didn't google about Beyonce's pregnancy reveal at the VMAs, instead, I googled Jessie J. I had been hearing about her in my peripheral for over a year now, but it wasn't until last night did I actually pay her close attention.

     Jessie J. was the house artist singing in between act changes; she was basically used as a "Bumper" for the entire show. And from the parts that I heard, I definitely didn't mind.

     Her voice was brilliant. And in the mix of musical artists trying to be exaggerated and overstated, she was like a breath of fresh air. Plus, she had a broken leg and did most of her songs sitting in a plush sofa chair. And can you believe, I was still captivated.

     Plus, I felt like she was forced to be honest. She just had to sing the songs. She couldn't rely on much else. And that absolutely worked for me.

Wisdom's Knocking:

The beauty of honesty is in its freedom.