British Invasion Part I

     This post series is dedicated to Ms. Tiffany and all the other fine folks out there that love the sweetness and swagger of a true Brit.

     I used to think that my east coast boys held the monopoly on swagger. But once again, I've been proven wrong.

     This all stems from my recent conversation with a good friend of mine. Both of us single, we recapped on our love for a good strong accent. Needless to say, I had this wacky dream with Craig David in it last night. I digress.

     But it's been stirred in my heart once again, that God has someone completely stellar and brilliant for me. A man that simply gets me. I'm constantly surrounded by beautiful and handsome people. Even men that I would have attraction to, but not necessarily chemistry with. I'm not simply looking for beauty, swagger, and the like. But you know. Love.

Wisdom's Knocking:

It's amazing how much clarity ensues regarding one's dreams as one grows older.