British Invasion Part II


     If you've followed a few of my posts in the last few months, you've probably noticed a couple of "Doctor Who" related posts. "Doctor Who" is a British show that's been airing on the BBC since 1963. The premise revolves around "The Doctor" who looks human, but is actually a Time Lord alien with 2 hearts. He is able to do what his name suggests, travel throughout space and time and he also takes along a few lucky "Companions" to travel the galaxies with him. Many times "The Doctor" is saving earth and human beings from absolute destruction. Other times it's a battle across the galaxies.

     The story lines in "Doctor Who" are so much fun. Especially when "The Doctor" is going back to historical events that we all would know (i.e. World War 1, Pompeii, etc.). Another fun fact about "The Doctor" is that he is able to regenerate. Meaning, if he sustains severe illness or injury, he could undergo a complete physical change. A new body. And of course that works well for  a TV show. You can always make it fresh every few years with a new actor to play "The Doctor". And that's exactly what the show has done since 1963. Matt Smith, the actor who currently plays the title role, is the 11th Doctor.

     With "Doctor Who" you can literally jump in the show at almost any episode and get caught up to how it all works. But beware, you may get sucked in. Steven Moffat, the current lead writer for the show, is a mad genius. I truly think he's one of the absolute best Sci-Fi Television show writers out there. And the fact that a writer can constantly play with space and time, can often make your brain hurt with these stories over the span of entire season.

     Oh my goodness. I just remembered that I also had a dream of Matt Smith last night. Weird. He already knew my name and was walking my friend and I to the front row of this event. Oddly enough, he was the star of the event.

     Okay. I'm back.

     But there's just something about "The Doctor" that gets my heart every time. I'm emotionally pulled in. And each actor that plays The Doctor has this thing about them. I don't know how to completely describe it. But it's this thing transfers into their portrayal of The Doctor. Mostly, you just want to hang out with these folks.

     So, you know me, I'm always interested in the Behind-the-Scenes. I mean, aren't you? And so, I happen to catch some (And by catch, I mean, I implored serious detective work) great behind the scenes footage of the actor who plays the current Doctor--Matt Smith.

    And what I found completely changed my life...

Wisdom's Knocking:

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