Roscoe's and a Kardashian


     So I decided to dress up as Agatha Christie's, crime solving character, Miss Marple for a costume party this past weekend. And of course, I would unknowingly pick a character that is noted for being a "Spinster".  But let's move past that, I didn't realize she was a Spinster until after I had already committed to playing her. I was mostly enamored with her ability to solve crimes.

     I've already shared with you my recent obsession with Law and Order: UK, which in turn has stirred up the crime solver in me.  You have no idea how much joy that show gives me. It encompasses my love for British accents with a gritty portrayal of crime and justice to boot. And in concordance with the theme of mysteries, my current love for the long running BBC show, Doctor Who, has also fed my growing interest in solving peculiar riddles and such.

     Now that I think about it, my favorite novels growing up were always murder mystery type books.

     But back to my Miss Marple moment. I was wearing a pimp like fur coat (Yes, faux. Don't PETA me). I felt absolutely giddy with swagger. I was a cross between Cruella De Vil, Miss Marple, and that crazy lady you see talking to herself on the street corner. With that said, I worked my funny little costume that night. I mean, you just gotta own it. Be brave.

     And I remember thinking that I would either meet my future husband looking like this or something significant would take place that would mark me as the lady with the fur coat. I mean, I'm in Southern California with a fur coat on. It looked so ridiculous. But oh, so right for me.

     Next stop after the party: Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles off of Sunset Blvd. And yes, I decided to stay in costume. And no, it wasn't Halloween, so inevitably people would assume that I dressed like this on a daily basis. But I had convinced myself that I didn't care.

     So both my friend and I step into Roscoe's. We order and take in the atmosphere full of eclectic on-goings. Before I know it, an entourage starts flooding in and filling the tables right next to us. It's important to mention that Roscoe's is pretty cozy. Tables and chairs are pretty close to one another. So you may very well hear the entire conversations of those around you.

     The entourage settles in. And sitting right next to us is the lovely Rob Kardashian. Yes, there were so many things I wanted to ask him. Like..."What was the name of that girl from 3LW that you used to date?", "What's your favorite ballroom dance?", "Was your sister's marriage real??", etc.

     But then I looked down at what I was wearing. My fur coat. I couldn't even take myself seriously. Let alone risk being caught in some random TMZ photo with my fur coat on. Marked forever as the Fur Coat Lady.

     And so I just laughed at myself and the situation. And for the rest of my time at Roscoe's, the Kardashian entourage remained but I managed to enjoy the company I was with and my succulent #13. All this while trying to not appear awkward towards the Kardashian entourage and the fans asking for photo opportunities all around me in my pimp-like fur coat.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Stay ready and you won't have to get ready at the last minute.