When You Feel Good

     There was a moment at that costume party, this past weekend where I felt so... me. I pay attention to those moments. What truly defines those moments as mine. And I can think of one word for it: Freedom.

     Through the embarrassment and pain of last month's "Hypocrite" moment, I've been catapulted into this new level freedom. It's as if something has clicked back into place in my heart, mind, and body.

     I was having lunch with a very good friend of mine a couple weeks back. And I was recapping this friend on the whole situation of last month, from the pain to the unexpected and overwhelming feeling of freedom and courage I was now feeling. And that friend of mine basically summed up my recent journey in a great way: "It's as if the worst possible thing that could have happened, happened. And now that you've faced it and confronted it, nothing can intimidate you in the same way again."

     Yes. Freedom.

Wisdom's Knocking: 

Sometimes the worst thing can turn out to be the best thing.