The Everywhere


     You know when you start seeing a series of numbers everywhere you turn? For instance, every time you look at the clock it's either 4:11 or 12:12 or 4:44. You sense something magical is happening, but often times your not quite sure what it is. And you continue to follow the clues left along this curious trail.

     Well there's one month in the year that seems to sprinkle more magic on me than any of the other months of the year. It becomes a month of discovery and contemplation. And this December has been no different.

     These clues come in the form of dreams, words of encouragement from others, or specific images that happen to find their way to me.

     One of my all time favorite movies: Three Colors: Red (Which happens to be a French film), plays with this idea of clues and how connected we are to another, even worlds away in our own sphere of influences.

     You've read my blog post about my fascination with "Six degrees of Separation". And as this year comes to a close, I've been reawakened by my love for all things French. My memories of being in Paris are being highlighted to me in a very strong way. It's sort of been creeping up on me throughout this entire year. But why? And just when I think my Paris thoughts and clues were isolated to just my crazy mind, people begin to talk about Paris around me.

     So now, I'm just following the clues. My heart is expectant and curious.

     I love my Brits. All day. Please believe. But there is something about the French sensibility that I connect with in a strong way. I have, since my early teen years.

     And mostly, I'm wayyyy over the brooding men of Hollywood, the self-absorbed lifestyle of these would-be famous men, although they are quite beautiful and talented seem to often lack the freedom that an unpretentious life can bring.

     What I find most sexy in a man is generosity.

     Second to that, humor. Which, that trait in itself contains a strong sense of intellect of which I'm also drawn to.

     So who is my new celebrity crush?

     Benjamin Duterde.

     Otherwise known as: "Ben L'Oncle Soul"

     I'm drawn to people that have a contagious joy for life. And Ben seems to be no exception. Add in the mix that he's French, sings like Otis Redding, and wears a bow tie pretty much seals the deal.

     So for all those folks out there that couldn't picture me with a prototype male celebrity last week, let me help you out. Ha. Ben would be it. Hands down.

Note: And yes, this boo, is currently taken. This is info gathered per my internet stalkery. Nevertheless, I can appreciate Ben as my heart's desired prototype. Yes. I'm just puttin' it out there. Amen.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Rest assured, the random paint strokes will come together to form a brilliant masterpiece.