If You Could See Me With any Male Celebrity--Who Would It Be?


     Oh my word. I am crushing hard on a celebrity today. I'll fully disclose who it is in the next blog. And I'll break down why I have a crush on this certain individual. This new crush has mostly given me clues (and perhaps you as well) as to what I'm most attracted to.

     But I was having a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday, who said a line that I've been hearing for the past 10 years, if not a bit longer:
"I just don't know who is actually worthy enough for you." 

     Mind you, this was not in response to me downloading a list of my requirements and credentials for my future boo. In fact, my list is fairly simple. My dear friend's remarks were simply out of love for me as I chatted away about how excited I am to meet my future boo.

     And as much as I appreciate such an honorable statement from countless friends and family, regarding who could possibly be found worthy of me. It's a bit frustrating to hear year after year. I don't need the perfect boo. I just need my boo.

     So instead of you trying to hook me up with your friend's cousin's brother's uncle. I wanted to do a little fun experiment. This experiment will also give me a better idea of how you view me and who you think would be worthy of me according to the perceived character traits and appearance of your named celebrity. So with that said, why don't you tell me which celebrity you could or would see me with in a pretend world: Ready, set, go!

Wisdom's Knocking:

Writing goals and visions down are not only beneficial for the memory, 
but also an enforcer of hope.