Hands Off

     Photo Credit: Evan Kaufmann

     I'm trying to do my best not to mingle where I don't need to mingle. So far, I'm doing pretty good. Like a B-

     But I can feel that ever so subtle manipulation gene try to activate itself into my producing works of some sort. This applies both to my romantic life and my vocational life.

     Sometimes, when you get pushed up against a wall you mostly want to at least throw punches to say that you've given some proper effort. But instead, I'm meant to close my eyes. Which yes, feels incredibly awkward and backwards. You mean, I can't waste energy with one little punch in the dark? Alright then.

     And I closed my eyes today, and I sang songs to myself. And by nightfall, something miraculous happened. Provision.

     I love how things appear when you are not even thinking about them. But if you think too hard regarding those same life changing things, they seem to evade you.

     It's as if, those things are telling you to stop making them your sole purpose for living and learn to love living now--so that those things can be as they were  meant to be. Complimentary Additions.

     Additions to the ultimate blessing you already have. Life.

     Today I was thinking about that guy that I have a current crush on (Of whom by the way is making no romantic pursuits towards me in any way shape or form. Ha), and I totally forgot of my freelance hustle and fear of not having enough provision for this month as I pursue my dreams. As I daydreamed about this kind gentleman, Provision softly walked to my door and dropped a treasure chest with my name engraved on it.

     It's funny what comes to us when we are a bit aloof. And when we choose not to throw punches when our backs are to the wall...

Wisdom's Knocking:

You don't have to make everything happen.