Photo Credit: Kaitlyn Blosser

     I was recently at a birthday bash shin dig. The people were so lovely. As I imagined they all would be. We were all friends of such an amazing person. Okay wait. "The people were so lovely"---except for one.

     One individual, whom we shall name Carrie, was probably one of the rudest people I have met in a long time. And that's saying a lot, since I work around a lot of entertainers and egocentric folks.

     Upon my first interaction with Carrie, I extended my hand towards her to fully introduce myself. She let my hand linger dead in mid air for about 3 seconds as she looked me up and down. She then, reluctantly gave me the weeniest hand shake ever.

     And I thought to myself, "Hmm...maybe she doesn't speak English well and didn't quite know what I was saying or doing." Wrong. As soon as our beloved birthday boy came within earshot, she immediately perked up and tried to think of something witty to say. And by witty, I mean, awkward. I mean, it may have been witty in her head, but when it came out of her mouth it was straight up awkward and a bit painful.

     I thought again to myself, "This lady is beautiful, but her attitude is so stank. This horrible self-ruining PR can only lead to disaster..."

     The final phase of Carrie's tornado of manners, resulted in her "telling" me, not asking me--but "telling me" to "Go and put this plate over there now." with the strongest condescending vibe.  Um, what?  Never mind that all of us partygoers were in the midst of listening to a wonderful speech from the birthday boy himself. Carrie didn't seem to care. Her lack of honor and manners were off the charts.

     So before I was about to go straight "Set It Off" in the middle of that birthday celebration, and in order not to do a crazy WWE move on her, I simply said to myself what I normally say to settle the matter, when I'm confronted with horribly rude people... "You know what, this chick must have Aspergers." And then I calmly put the plate on a nearby table.

     And I left it at that.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Don't let rude people steal your joy.