How Quickly

Photo Credit: Dan Molitor

     How quickly we can forget those deep lessons that we've learned. That's why it becomes more and more important to be a student. To always learn. To be moldable, to take in new information or often information that was lost. And to know when to act upon it.

     It's like, when you stop doing an old habit, that thing that seemed ever so familiar and routine, once it's been stopped and weeks have passed, it's like you never knew how you once did that thing or you somehow forget the lesson that was learned.

     As I skim some of my old blog posts, I read my words with a sense of surprise and revelation. Did I write that? Did I learn that? I don't remember learning that? Did I really feel that way? And the answer to all of those questions is a resounding yes.

     And once again, I'm learning.

     We're about to hit the half way mark of 2012. Can you believe it? It's about to be June. And now we stand and watch and wait, to see if the promises of this year will hold up.

     I can honestly say that I've learned more--or rather, put into practice more of what I've learned in this year, than the past few years combined.

     I'm learning to trust again. And to trust when God is speaking.

     The last post was titled, "Ominous", and although no one died, my car did get towed yesterday. I know. Weird. It was a surreal situation. Perhaps I'll share the story later...

      But I was prepared for such a juke move. Some practical things were put in place (ie: Emergency Fund--If you don't know about Dave Ramsey yet, you need to. The end.) and I didn't have some crazy emotional breakdown. In fact, I felt an upsurgence of peace during the whole ordeal. So yes, maybe there was a particular "death" to an area of my finances, but there was a quick sense of resurrection. It did my heart good.

     And now I'm a bit nervous and expectant of the things that are to come in this second half of the year. But I'll be sure to share the highs and the lows as we make this fresh start.

Wisdom's Knocking: 

Things are often set in its place, only to move again.