Photo Credit: Josh Einwechter

     Sometimes I give away my love too freely. But isn't that the way it's supposed to be. I think I'd wear it--you know--Love, this way forever. The only thing is, I'd rather not be so freakin awkward.

    Speaking of awkward, let me do a quick transition into the vibe that I'm feeling right now. That feeling that something horrible is impending. I know. Here I go keeping it light and bright.

     But seriously, something is up. I don't want to creep you out, but I get these "Death" feelings. Yes, similar to how cats can "sense" death, or so we think. I start to get this weird feeling in my bones. No. Not my bones literally, metaphorically. When I was younger I used to shrug it off, but through a series of life experiences, I've learned to pay attention to these feelings.

     I've been wrestling with myself this past week and trying to eliminate any other possible scenarios, like: Is it that time of the month? Am I holding anger and bitterness against someone? Did I feel threatened by someone? Did someone steal my cupcakes? Etc. etc. Nope, nope.

      In fact, this week has been stellar on so many fronts, except this weird vibe I can't shake.

     Needless to say, I'm praying through it. But I have a feeling time will reveal what's urking my spirit...

Wisdom's Knocking:

Although the problem may be ever present, the solution is also ever so close to you.