But What Color Are His Eyes...

Photo Credit: Elias Galarza

     Today I was teaching my teenagers about Moses and his incredible encounter with God on Mt. Sinai and the "Tent of Meeting". It's said in the Scriptures that God talked with Moses, like a man talks to a friend. #mindblown

     And then of course, there's the scene where Moses asks to see God's glory. And God basically tells Moses that he wouldn't be able to handle all of His glory (the true essence of God - eternal and endless love, etc.) and live. But instead, God shows Moses a portion of His glory.

     And let's not forget about Moses' face glowing after encountering such love and such glory. It glowed to such a degree that it freaked people out and Moses ended up wearing a veil over his face. I mean what. Wow.

     And with that, I'm provoked to go deeper in my journey with God.

     Moses was a man that wanted to know God face to face.

     And as love does in our vertical relationship with God, so then does our love in our horizontal relationships with people.

     In high school I remember always looking at people dead in their face, but not in their eyes. You know what I'm talking about right? We end up looking at people in a very general way and because of that there is a lack of true connection, at least a connection that is beyond the surface level.

     And then later on in life, I somehow adopted the skill to look people intentionally in their eyes.

    It's so powerful.

     And honestly, that is the one practical skill that has made all the difference in my adult life, and has challenged me and helped me to connect with and love people in a deeper and more meaningful way.

     You have to get close to someone, square in their face to actually see, register, and remember what their eye color actually is.

     It's a bit intimidating, I know.

     And I believe I know why. It establishes true and legitimate intimacy. And true intimacy is costly, and often makes us get squiggly at first, but then when you take a deep breath, you realize that you were made for this.

     Looking in his eyes, you become invested.

     Looking in her eyes, you become invested.

     And that is when love begins to truly flourish.

     So, I inadvertently had a bit of staring contest with a guy today. Don't get excited. Please.
     It's just that I now love looking people square in their eyes. And did you notice, that sometimes, depending on the reflection of light in their eyes, you can even see yourself in their eye's pupil, you know the deepest, darkest part of their eyes. I find that absolutely extraordinary.

     But you won't see this hidden and mysterious story behind their eyes, until you are in close proximity to someone's face.

     We often get away with not paying attention in life.

     But now is the time to pay attention. To the big things, to the small things.

     Even the color of their eyes.

Wisdom's Knocking:

“The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter
- often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter
- in the eye.”

 ― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre