Photo Credit: Wyatt Baker

     So I was convinced that I was going to somehow magically meet my love in Paris while I was in Europe last year. But wouldn't' you know it! --The Paris part of my trip got cancelled! Noooo! I know, heartbreaking indeed. But what may have been stamped forever in my mind as a disappointment, only showed itself as an inconvenience.

     How many times do we gripe and complain, and even cry about the inconveniences that present themselves to us on a daily basis. However, I think about how those many inconveniences may have actually saved our lives, or perhaps even set us up for greater success.

     I'm doing my best to dream again.

     To believe in the idea of Paris.

     You see, Paris holds something special in my heart. Often called the "City of Light" and the "City of Love", its no wonder it captures our attention. I have a sneaky feeling it has something to do with the power and mystery of Love.

    My first trip to Paris (many, many years ago) proved to be nothing short of magical.

     And while other folks may be rushing off to Mt. Everest and climbing great heights in very specific ways, my landmark and gaze is steady on the City of Love.

     I'm not chasing success in the way that our culture often defines it, I'm chasing love and allowing it to chase me down.

     There are those seasons, people, and places, that try and rob us of our true eyesight. Eyesight that allows us to see certain inconveniences as blessings in disguise.

     Last night, I found myself watching an inspirational movie. I know, it may sound cheesy, but watching a story play out visually does something for my soul.  I needed to connect with the stories of those that have found redemption and hope in the worst of circumstances.

     Today, gravitate towards something that instills hope in your heart, whether it be listening to your favorite song, watching your favorite movie, or reading a few chapters from you favorite book.

      And although we may have missed Paris yesterday, we will get there...eventually.

Wisdom's Knocking:

An inconvenience may be a blessing in disguise.