Photo Credit: Hannah Anderson

     Have you ever been called this?

     I mean, I love hearing this word. It's probably one of my most favorite words ever.

     If you've been to a Christian church, chances are you've heard this word from the preacher as he quotes Scripture to the listeners.

     It's such a tender word of endearment, but often it's glossed over in the other deep and meaningful spiritual jargon surrounding it.

     But even now, I'm taking the time to let this word wash over me. The fact that God in all his power and might, looks at humanity and calls us Beloved, a people worthy of love, of life, of laughter, of peace--I find that utterly amazing, especially after seeing the potential for destruction that we all possess in our hearts and in our choices given the circumstances.

     Nevertheless, the potential of great love is also carved within us as God breathes life into us; and as we surrender to this great love. And again I repeat, surrender is probably the hardest thing that we will continually do in our lifetime here on earth.

     There's something about terms of endearment. Most people in intimate relationships adapt cute nicknames for their significant other: Baby, Honey, Sweet Thang, Bubba, etc. It's an earnest way to express love, especially if you best receive love with Words of Affirmation. And even if your top love language isn't Words of Affirmation, we know all too well the power of words and how they affect our hearts and minds.

     Terms of endearment constantly desire to confirm intimacy and relationship.

     Sure, your words can become empty, but that is simply a tell-tale sign that you have not taken the time to get filled. And I don't mean filled by another person, I mean filled by an endless well of love, the One who called you Beloved first.

     How would your life change, if you started addressing your enemies as Beloved in your heart? Well, I'm starting to learn.

     I myself am working through some unresolved bitterness this week. This person isn't exactly an enemy, but I have made them one in my heart because of disappointment.

     Okay, look. There actually was someone, a person. Okay, a man person that I had a small crush on towards the end of the year. And as things would have it, I became disappointed because he so kindly put me in the "Friendzone", but in a very passive way.

     I don't think I realized the depth of my disappointment and embarrassment until yesterday. I'm serious. Often when we are attacked with depression or anxiety, the root can be unresolved disappointment and/or unforgiveness issues (even aimed towards one's self). Disappointment can lead to bitterness that can lead to a mistrust of everything and everyone, and if everything and everyone unsettles you, anxiety can stroll on in without a fight. Not to mention you feel out of control or unable to control anything which brings us back to my favorite (not favorite) word: Surrender.

     Everyone will have to surrender to something at some point. And I'm choosing to surrender to the One calling me out of the dark forest.

     So right now, I'm practicing hearing God call me Beloved, as I make my way home.

     And as He calls me Beloved, I sing it right back to Him.

     And invite you to do the same.

Wisdom's Knocking:

There's no sweeter sound, than that of the one
who loves you most, saying your name.

(I just cried watching this again:)