Dance Adventures

     For those that didn't already know. I love to dance. Like all day, erryday. This is not for fakes. But for realz.

     I had the chance to visit one of my old dance instructors (Tom Doriski of High Desert Dance Studio) this past week and I pretty much had the time of my life (Cue: "Dirty Dancing" Soundtrack).

     A few weeks back I saw a clip on youtube of the West Coast Swing dancer, John Lindo and absolutely fell in love with dance again in a new way. With that said, I'm now on a quest to master the West Coast Swing, but first I had to learn the steps!

     The video below is my first attempt at dancing the West Coast Swing. Hope you're inspired to try an adventure of your own!

Wisdom's Knocking:

"Adventures can be grand or they can small,
but as long as they ignite your heart
is the most important thing of all."

- Patrice Patrick