Open Season


     I once wrote an open love letter to my future husband.

     I know. Not a surprise.

     But don't throw too much shade, you know you're just as much of a romantic as I am.

     With that said, next month, I'm going to travel across the country to support one of my besties in the beginning of what I believe will be her very own unique and extraordinary love story unfolding.

     The atmosphere is pregnant with promises about to be fulfilled.

     And honestly, I'm getting so much of my life, vicariously living through her--and the way in which this man-person is intentionally pursuing her.

     The wait has been so long.

     But now the fruit is actually ripe.

     This is an open season of discovery.

     For not only her, but for you and I as well.

     Somehow, I feel as though I'm starting afresh.

     I feel as though new hope has arrived in my heart. Finally. And once again.

     And not merely in part because of time passing, but the reality and richness of love in my life as it stands now.

     An odd thing has been happening these last few weeks.

     Three separate people have dreamed about me---

     Okay. Let's stop there.

     Wait. What?

      But true story. These 3 people (1 of whom the other 2 do not even know...) on separate occasions told me of the unique dreams that they had of me over the course of the last few weeks.

     I was a bit blown away. And feeling incredibly loved.

     Most of you know, I'm a big time dreamer. #punintened

     Yes, in the big scheme of things type of way, but also in the night-time type of way.

     You know, that weird and wacky "dreaming-of-things-before-they-happen" sort of way. This has been happening to me since I was about 5 years old. But we can talk more about that later...

     So these 3 dreams that 3 separate people had of me, were basically complimentary repetitions of one another. With themes such as love, marriage, ministry, career, and more love...

     But what was more incredible to me, is that their dreams weren't off base or somehow a surprise to me. But in fact, their individual dreams brought specific confirmation to what I had already known and felt God was whispering to my own soul at the beginning of this year.

     And so goes my life....the reality and richness of love in my life as it stands now, shakes me out of the ever-so attractive apathy of our day and our culture and our often sterile religious ways of doing things.

     I'm forced to pay attention.

     Almost always.

     Thus the tedious work of writing.

Video Link: Josef Salvat, "Open Season": 

     And while walking with my beautiful friend alongside the spectacular and terrifying road of romance, I'm being reminded that God can cause a "suddenly" to happen in our lives at any moment.

     A suddenly that ushers in the very substance of what our hearts have been wanting and waiting for, but a heart that needed time to understand and appreciate the intricacies of such a divine miracle.

     Eyes are being opened.

     Hearts are getting free.

     The month of March is going to be amazing.

     It's Open Season, and anything can happen...

Wisdom's Knocking:

"We used to have it all planned.
We thought we knew what it all looked like.
We were looking out on the greatest view.
We were raised to take a stand.
We were raised to keep an open mind.
We believed we'd just sail on through.

Now I'm a hundred miles an hour,
Sitting in my palace without any power,
Alone in the dark,
We're alone in the dark
Thought we could always try a bit harder,
But if the dice don't wanna roll in your favor
It falls apart, the fantasy falls apart

This is open season,
Time is up, time to be leaving,
Head on down this very arbitrary road
Armor up, and say your prayers,
From under dogs and millionaires,
I heard you're better off on your own,
But I ain't gonna face this hunt alone

So I'll be needing you
And I know you'll be needing me too
We're in this game together
We're in this game together
And I believe in you
And I know you believe in me too,
We're in this game together
We're in this game together"