Casual Intentions

Photo Credit: Yajaira Reynolds

     I was having a great conversation with a good friend of mine yesterday. We chatted about love, life, and the lack of those two words being hyphenated together in our midst.

     I shared with her briefly how a certain guy friend of mine was being intentionally friendly, but at the same time very casual in regards to his emotions. In my world, casual intentions are a bit of an oxymoron.
     Nevertheless, I fear that our generation has become proficient in this term casual intentions. I find it more and more difficult to discern if one of my guy friends is trying to put feelers out romantically or if they are just being nice. So instead, I get to sit in limbo. Because you didn't make it clear. You didn't man-up. And chances are, I'll only voluntarily sit in your casual-intentions limbo for about 2 weeks. I have little patience for the lack of pursuit--even if I was open to the idea of being with you.

     I fear that casual intentions are the killers of passion. I may be focusing on the romantic aspect of casual intentions (Out of my own frustrations), but this theme of casual intentions can invade the way in which someone pursues life in general...

     I'm curious to hear from both you ladies and gents that skim over my blog posts occasionally.

     Thoughts, comments, rants?

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