My Thinking Face


      I don't know if it's a played-out pick up line or sincerity, but I'm a little tired of guys coming up to me, with their so called swagger telling me, "You need to smile."

     I'm an observer and avid listener by nature. Chances are, I already saw you 5 minutes before you decided to walk up to me. And in my mind, I'm trying to understand 3 key things: 1. Your intentions 2. Do you have a job. 3. Are you my potential boo, the kind that's full of kindness, swagger-thugness, humor, and more swagger-thugness?

     As I try and observe your clothes, especially your footwear and the way that you carry yourself, I've already begun to form an opinion (Whether it is correct or not is of little consequence at this point). All to say, there is a lot of thinking involved. And my expressive face reflects this arduous journey of observation.

     To you, the male outsider, it may look like my "serious face". But I assure you, it's not. It's simply my thinking face. And the verdict is still out on you, still pending...Unless you make me smile of course, not by force, but by your own ease, confidence, and kindness.

Wisdom's Knocking:

I don't want to judge you like a mere book cover, instead I want to read you like a book.