Love Posture

Photo Credit: Chris Molitor

     I'm always so concerned with the end result of a matter. I tend to find identity and validation in accomplishment. But clearly, I know that it's not simply about the destination, but the journey.

     Last week, I heard a remarkable and simple sentence from a mature and established artist. He simply commented on his desire to just do good work. He wasn't concerned with the awards and the accolades. He truly loved his craft.

     I know we've heard this posture of heart before. But it carries much more weight when you personally know the artist, their character, and the amazing quality of their work, as I did, with this particular individual.

     With this artist, I knew that what he said was full of absolute sincerity. So much so, that I felt the sweetness (not harshness) of conviction hit my soul.

     How many subjects and areas of my life do I count as incomplete because I have not reached an award, recognition or accolade? Case and point: My hopes of marriage. The sense of accomplishment. Accomplishing, what I consider, a major event of love. I've allowed myself to feel as though I'm not fully functioning in my passion. And although I am an avid romantic, I realize now, that marriage will only be a continuation of the journey of love that I am partaking in at this very moment.

     And in recognizing this, there are so many people to love passionately that are currently present in my life. So instead of me being concerned with the end goal of "accomplished love" through a specific event and moment, I realize that I am already "accomplishing love" in my day to day life-- even now.

Wisdom's Knocking:

Let your journey be filled with love, love, and more love. Love never fails. And will always be in its being and doing, an accomplishment of great proportions.