Could You Be Loved

     Honestly, I just wanted to title a blog post with a Bob Marley song. The past couple of weeks, I've been hearing a few of my favorite Bob Marley songs in the most random of places at the most random of times.

Photo Credit: Dakota LeBoeuf
     Does that ever happen to you? A song plays on the radio or in a car driving down the street that is more like the music score to your current life situation, rather than some random sound in the atmosphere. Somehow, I constitute that as a miracle. Really I do. I mean, what are the chances. And yes, you may be able to pull out an amazing mathematical formula, to show me the odds of such a miracle happening. But I will continue to answer the questions that these songs conjure up when I hear them.

"Could You Be Loved...And Be Loved?" Yes, I could. Yes, I could.

Wisdom's Knocking:

God communicates to us in a variety of ways.