Gentlemen, Take Note

     I have a group of select guy friends that truly know how to treat a lady. And the wonderful thing is, you don't have to date them to get the royal treatment.

Yes, you can open the door for me.

     See, when I get around this particular group of guys, I know that I never have to worry about having money on me, because they always take care of everything.

Yes, you can carry my heavy bags for me.

     With this particular group of guys, I never have to worry about a door slamming in my face, because they are the first to open the door and the last to go through.

Yes, you can intently listen to me as I share the concerns of my heart.

     And yes, these fellas even remember to walk closest to the street while we stroll down the sidewalk.

Yes, you can beat someone up on my behalf if my safety is threatened.

     As you can see, I always get taken care of with this particular group of guys. I honestly feel as though I want for nothing. It's an amazing feeling.

     It's not a notion of me perceiving myself as a weakling or less than in the company of such men. On the contrary, it's simply the language of being cherished and considered and honored in recognizable and tangible ways, yes even as a friend.

     There are so many different scenarios in which we as females get dissed on a daily basis--Or hollered at from a street corner. It's just so refreshing to be treated with love, respect, and honor.

     Once the Gentlemen Gene develops (Sometimes by subtle female influence...) and truly takes root, becoming ingrained in a guy, it's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

     And for the ladies, I hope you are around to enjoy the fruit of such maturity in your male friendships. Every girl deserves to be treated like a jewel.  Don't let the nice guys in your life finish last. Know that there is big potential there. And I hope you'll be around to see it fully develop.

And yes, a true Gentleman has swagger. And isn't afraid to use it.

Wisdom's Knocking:

All men are not dogs.