Super and Strong

Super 8

     Yesterday, I saw "Super 8", and today, I finally saw "Thor". Needless to say, I'm in an interesting state of mind as a result of watching these two epic themed story lines played out before my eyes--with brilliant sound, I might add.

     The timing involving me seeing these movies was pretty much perfect. The themes and tones of both movies matched my current life's predicament: "How to make good on one's destiny when the road you thought you were going to travel somehow disappears..." 

     "Super 8" had the heart of my journey, while "Thor" pushed me and challenged me to put my heart to action.

     A couple blog posts back ("Blur, Blur, Focus."), I wrote about my frustration with finding vocational focus at this point in my life. I'm not so much hungry for a career as I am in pouring out my creativity into a funnel for use. But perhaps that looks like an actual career. Of which I'm realizing I don't have to be afraid 

     The scary part for me doesn't rest in having a lack of success. But in the fact that there are now so many open doors for me, that any door I choose could be a winner. So which door do I choose? Oddly enough, the choice is mine. And that reality is extremely liberating and down right terrifying.

     God has been so gracious to me thus far. Why would I begin to see an end to such grace, while stepping out into the unknown.

     And what is in your heart to do, Patrice? I have been asked that question almost countless times this year. It's June, and focus is juuuuust beginning to form a picture for me to grasp.

     I'm ready again for adventure. My heart for storytelling through the medium of film is slowly being awakened in me, like a large giant. My heart for the artists behind those stories that we love also move me, perhaps into the realm of talent managing, but as I type that last sentence, I know managing artists would not suffice the lighthouse signal beaming within me to tell stories amidst a community of other artists.

     I've made a promise to myself this year: That I would tell myself stories everyday. I wanted to practice telling my stories, from my own heart, for my own heart. And of course, I wanted to see if anyone else would listen and relate to my silly little stories. That's how this blog transformed into what it is now.

     As much as I love variety in my life and fear getting locked into one vocation or career that may shut out all other options. In my heart of hearts, I know that my heart's true and strong passion will fuel energy and invite open doors to those underlying passions as well.

     So now, there are new steps to take...

Wisdom's Knocking:

Don't wait to do what you love, start doing it now.