Prelude to a Funeral & a Wedding

Photo Credit: Tiffany Johnson

     What happens when the person of your dreams steps right out in front of you? You can touch them, study them intensely, and ask yourself over and over again, how is this even possible?

     Let's get right to it. I had a major freak out this past week.


     October 2011, I have this cray cray love dream. More specifically I had one of thee most intense dreams about some 'mystery guy' that I was ready to profess my love to. Upon awaking, I list all the key players and the seemingly metaphorical and mysterious clues that had been dropped in the dream. The details of this span over six pages. I take a moment to savor the sweetness of the dream; and I tuck the dream away. Completely forgetting about it.

     Until last week.

     Yes, you guessed it.

     Someone has appeared.

     Now, perhaps their appearance is simply to remind me of the dream and to instill hope. Or perhaps they hold some clue or key that I need on my life's journey. All to say, the verdict is still out. But while the verdict was out last week, I was a hot mess. A couple of hot flashes and heart palpitations, fumbling over my words, and hosting butterflies like crazy. Which is a nice translation for, I was gassie.

     I kept thinking of that "Double Rainbow" guy..."What does this meeeeeeean???"

     What I'm sure of, is that this is all a Prelude.


     Already my weekend has been interesting. I've attended a wake (A prelude of sorts to a funeral) and I'm now preparing for a wedding tomorrow. The juxtaposition and timing of these two events are astounding.

    But as I process one event and face the other with anticipation, it all oddly feels right.

    Much like the man I dreamed of and who has now somehow appeared, it all feels oddly right...

Wisdom's Knocking:

Don't mistake the Prelude for the full story.